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5 thinking that must be abolished..

Salam Blog...Salam Brothers and Sisters..


Today I would like to share with all of you about 5 thoughts which must be abolished or avoided for successfully living this life without suffered or burden with negative thinking..In other words... Generally speaking, the 5 most prominent things that I will share today are all commonly contaminating most of people...So what are they exactly.. Let's discuss it one by one:



If we are human being having this thinking, meaning to say that we put all our happiness towards them.. If this kind of thought has been implanted deeply inside our mind, could u imagine what will happen when the time comes, which is nobody is beside you? This misleading thought could lead u to go to deep sadness then will be continued to have tremendous fear that will always warp you up... Wipe this meaningless thinking out... remember even though when the time comes in which nobody is beside you... Just keep it in your mind... U are strong, u are not alone... Cause Allah is beside you...Be independent,,


This second statement is generally also embedded inside our mind... We tend to always put the measurement of happiness in satisfaction of achieving a goal. The reason why, this statement is also categorized as misleading thought, is because the thing will entirely change towards your happiness ,when you are failed about something you've been planning to be successful. Some of us are to ambitious pursuing many kind of goals and in the end they could not control themselves. Since, they are not ready to have failure in the future. As a result, many of them are going to be frustrated. For instance, In my country for example, many people are going to be crazy after they failed for political issue.This is too bad for us. Of course, we need a spirit and efforts in order to reach our missions or goals, but it doesn't mean that we always put 100% percentage for winning chance only. To be noticed, that not all of the things we could bring to the end as we've planned. OF course, Allah is greatest, know the best for us. Fate or destiny is the term which is appropriate to be portrayed in this case. In other words, we need to have sincerity for every possibility that might be happening in advances. Human being could only create a plan and effort, but the result we give totally towards Allah swt. We must trust him, whatever result might be...


This statement implicitly talks about self-confidence. We usually always prior our friends' opinion rather than our own opinion.. Lack of confidence is the basis of this philosophy... Don't know what is hidden,.... It is imperative to have power to be ourselves. Moreover, we always act nicely so that any people love us. This misleading thought could guide us into deep hell, as we always change for other people not for our needed of happiness within ourselves. It is true to also consider for people requirement or needs, but it doesn't mean that cause of that we leave something which is more important and has meaningful decision from our own thought. BE YOURSELF, CONFIDENCE ENOUGH TO CONVEY YOUR MESSAGE TO PEOPLE, STOP BEING A DOLL..


OF course, we have target for our goals or missions. However, in fact nowadays, people could not arrange or control themselves regarding appropriateness of timing. They are always rushing to get all things' done at a time. Relax... make the things are easy... Don't kill yourself for stupid idealistic... Divide your time properly.. There is a time for you to enjoy some time with friend.. with family... Not all the things are brushed in one time together...


This last statement is also hard to be avoided. Since, the tragedy is sometimes very difficult to be accepted. We are drained into a big remorse.... TO BE NOTICED, THINK CLEARLY BEFORE BLAMING YOURSELF. NOT ALL THE THINGS IS FOR SURE TOTALLY YOUR MISTAKE. Nevertheless, if you are the one who is guilty. Soon, find a way out, do not too much immerse in the pit of regret. Get up, Be relax, and Focus on solution...////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////